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Technological Innovation in the Past David Whiter
Temple Moore and All Saints Church Andrew Duckworth
Thames Stories: Art & Archaeology Exhibition at Reading Museum Peter Stone
The Moody Wagon Bob Applin
The Moody Wagon – Postcript Bob Applin
The ‘Anchor’ and its Predecessors Anne Hawker
The ‘non’ election of 1876 Roger Ottewill
The 350th Anniversary of the Fall of Basing House Barbara Applin
The Age of Chivalry: Art & Architecture 1200 – 1400 at the Royal Academy Richard Dexter
The Aggregate Landscape of Hampshire Project Ginny Pringle
The Alderney Wreck Project Susan and Paul Ramsden
The Amsterdam – Wreck and Replica Nicola Hawes & Alan Turton
The Anasazi Cliff Dwellings in the Mese Verde Region of South Western Colorado Alan Roach
The Angel, Basingtoke, and a Sharp Dealer Barbara Applin
The Archaeological Dowsers Group Walk the Stonehenge Landscape (again!) Edwina Cole
The Archaeology of Andover Mary Oliver
The Archaeology of Death Andrew Duckworth
The Archaeology of Industry in Hampshire, 17th November 1984 Mary Oliver
The Archaeology of the Weald – Bridge or Barrier Mary Oliver
The Arrival of Methodism in north Hampshire Bob Applin
The Basingstoke Beadle Barbara Applin
The Basingstoke Triumphal Gateway John Hollands
The Bikini Star Ann Broad
The Birth of the British Army Nicola Turton
The Bishop of Basingstoke’s Cope Atherton Harrison
The Book of Proverbs Bob Clarke
The Brighton Hill Roundabout Peter Stone
The Brook Street Fair Scott Childs
The Brooks Conference Mary Oliver
The Cambridge Guide Wars Nicola Turton
The Candovers Andrew Duckworth
The Chairman Writes Betty Waters
The Changing Colours of HMS Victory Alan Turton
The Church Embroideries Exhibition Barbara Applin
The Cinque Ports Trip Nicola Turton
The Civil War Sieges of Basing House and the Battle of Swing-Swang Lane Alan Turton
The Crondall Perambulation Richard Dexter
The Eastward Orientation of Old Parish Churches Richard Dexter
The English Civil Wars: A Beginner’s Guide Nicola Turton
The English Slaves Peter Stone
The False Messiah of Overton Bob Clarke
The Final Shot – Video Update John Horrocks
The First Brexit: Carausius, the break away ‘emperor’ Peter Stone
The Fuss About Maiden Acre Anne Hawker
The Gallarus Oratory George Langran
The Gauls: Celtic Antiquities from France Richard Searle
The George Anne Hawker
The Graduate Richard Dexter
The Grange Northington Alison M Deveson
The Hampshire County Council Sites and Monuments Records Rosemary Braithwaite
The Hazards and Rewards of Culture and Entertainment in Nineteenth Century Basingstoke Barbara Applin
The Head in the Rucksack Nicola Turton
The Hills Are Alive: The Earlier Prehistory of the Basingstoke Area. Summary of Conference Paper Julie Gardiner
The Impact of Rome on the British Countryside Debz Charlton
The Iron Age Enclosure at Jay’s Close Tom Vaughan
The Jorvik Viking Centre, York Richard Dexter
The Kempshott Skeleton Sue Anderson
The Language of the Kingdom of St. David Richard Dexter
The Last Crusader Andrew Duckworth
The Madding Crowd Shirley Watmore
The Magi in Art Susan Good
The Man in the Ice Richard Dexter
The Mary Rose Nicola Turton
The Mary Rose Plums Bob Applin
The Medieval Wreck on the River Hamble – notes from a lecture by Professor S McGrail John Williams
The Municipal Election of 1869 Roger Ottewill
The New Word in Archaeology Debbie Charlton
The Oak Gallery at The Vyne RA Duckworth
The Oakridge Cranium Mary Oliver
The Ogham Stone at Silchester Richard Dexter
The Origins of the Basingstoke Archaelogical and History Society John Oliver
The Origins of the Society John Oliver
The Other Basing House David Whiter
The Oxford Story Richard Dexter
The Phasing of Basing David Allen
The Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford Richard Dexter
The Public School Word-Book Tim Herrington
The Raising of (a bit more)of the Mary-Rose Nicola Turton
The Real Value of Money in the Past Richard Dexter
The Regicide Martyrs Alan Turton
The Royal Arms – St. Michael’s Church Basingstoke Mary Oliver
The Salomon Affair’ at La Martyre Fons de Kort
The Search for Mr. Frizer Anne Hawker
The Silchester Field School – some fascinating statistics Margaret Porter
The Society’s Visit to Seborne Graham Hall
The Stakis Hotel Site, York Eric Robinson
The Three Tuns – The Pub That Moved John Hollands
The Uffington White Horse – Why is it there? Penny Martin
The Undergraduate Richard Dexter
The Urban Experience: A Source Book: English Scottish & Welsh Towns, 1450-1700 (book review) Barbara Applin
The Victoria History of Hampshire: MAPLEDURWELL Michael Whitty
The Visit to Compton Richard Dexter
The Vyne Before the Sandys Andrew Duckworth
The Welfare State 1798 John Oliver
The Wheatsheaf (at Popham) (ref Our Roman Road) Barbara Applin
The Wolfson Galleries at the British Museum Richard Dexter
The World of Thomas Hardy Lives On… Barbara Applin
The early years of the Worsam Memorial Reading Room, Worting Roger Ottewill
The plaque in the park (Victory Park) Cathy Williams
Then as Now Sue Headley
Those Holes Again Peter Read
Three Men to a Room – A Completely Different Trireme Editor
Three Women Up A Tower Sue Headley
Town Clerk v. Tithingman Barbara Applin
Tracing the Steps of Mary Felgate and Other Factors Joan Sullivan
Training Dig (Viables) Peter Heath
Tunisia – Flowers, Phonecians and Museums Joy Needham
Turning the Tide: the Coming of Cnut - Mary Oliver
Tuscany Off-piste Susan Headley

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