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Author Article
Irene Israel Visit to Bath
P.E Judkins Church Cottage Excavations 1974, Preliminary Report
P.E Judkins Notes on Excavations at Church Cottage
Michael Jupe Visit to St Mary’s Abbey, Winchester, 11th August 1982
Anne Aves, Jo Kelly CBA Meeting at Winchester 7th November (1981)
Will King Greywell Moors Dig
Briony Lalor Archaeology Along the Wootton St Lawrence Pipelinelogoy
Briony Lalor Six Days at Silchester
George Langran A Walk around Romsey
George Langran Computers Call Sand People Back from the Dead
George Langran The Gallarus Oratory
Barbara Large Basingstoke Volunteer Fire Brigade 1838-1941 by Bob Clarke.
Barbara Large Meet the archive conservators – Hampshire Record Office
Laura Leach A Trip to Paradise
Little Straggler (?!) A Small Matter of Ritual – walk around West Kennet/Silbury Hill
Diana Mackarill A Society of Literature 1859 – 1864
Diana Mackarill Some Haywards of Basing
Ernest Major Research – The Basingstoke Workhouse 1835-1842
Mark Peryer & Oliver Good Public Engagement at Odiham Magna Carta Festival
Alex Martin Roman Baths and a Bronze Age Post-Alignment
Penny Martin A Roman Lighthouse
Penny Martin The Uffington White Horse – Why is it there?
Joan Merryweather Vikings in England Exhibition, York
Joan Merryweather Whithorn
Jean Miller St. Thomas’s School for the Deaf, Darlington Road
Martin Millett Cowdery’s Down Excavation 1979
Martin Millett Excavations at Cowdery’s Down March to May 1978
Martin Millett From Tribe to Kingship: Reflections on Roman and Saxon Basingstoke. Summary of Conference Paper
Jean Morrin Victoria County History Hampshire
Bob Mulla Archaeological Expedition to Brittany – Holidays with the Crowd
Bob Mulla Festival of India
Marjolein Mussellwhite Archaeology Report – Church Lane, Worting
Marjolein Mussellwhite Fieldwork
Marjolein Mussellwhite Visit to Dorchester
Marjolien Musselwhite Church Lane , Worting
Joy Needham Oral History
Joy Needham Tunisia – Flowers, Phonecians and Museums
Joy Needham Visit to Basingstoke Library
Richard Newman Beyond Pits and Postholes: The Iron Age in the Basingstoke Area. Summary of Conference Paper
Nicola Hawes & Alan Turton The Amsterdam – Wreck and Replica
Jane Oliver A Digger’s Viewpoint
Jane Oliver Prehistoric Society Conference 1992
John Oliver Basingstoke Lesser Market
John Oliver Cottage Life 1900
John Oliver Hampshire Dialect
John Oliver Odiham Castle 1200-1500 (book review)
John Oliver Paris Green
John Oliver The Origins of the Basingstoke Archaelogical and History Society
John Oliver The Origins of the Society
John Oliver The Welfare State 1798
John Oliver Wallis & Steevens – A History (book review)
John Oliver West Ham Skeleton
Mary Oliver Archaeology in Britain – New Views of the Past
Mary Oliver Basingstoke’s Sale of the Century
Mary Oliver Beechdown Site, Pack Lane, Basingstoke
Mary Oliver Beggarwood Lane
Mary Oliver Danebury and Its Iron Age Landscape
Mary Oliver Daneshill Urnfield
Mary Oliver Domestic Architecture in Prehistorid Britain
Mary Oliver Experimental Roman Pot Firing
Mary Oliver Fieldwalking at North Waltham
Mary Oliver Fieldwork Update
Mary Oliver Flint Farm Fullerton
Mary Oliver Future Plans for Maiden Castle
Mary Oliver His Highness in Basingstoke – Travels of Cosmo III Grand Duke of Tuscany through England During the Reign of Charles II
Mary Oliver Laverstock Mill Re-imaGINed
Mary Oliver Living Archaeology
Mary Oliver Long Blades, Wrecks, Dwarves…
Mary Oliver Meonstoke Hexagonal Temple/Shrine Complex
Mary Oliver New Romano-British Gallery, British Museum
Mary Oliver Oakridge Anglo-Saxon Cranium
Mary Oliver Obituary – Atherton Harrison
Mary Oliver Obituary – John Horrocks
Mary Oliver On Combs and Things
Mary Oliver Pottery Find at Silchester 5 January 1975
Mary Oliver Report on Fieldwork
Mary Oliver Roman Germany – A Dream Fulfilled
Mary Oliver Rome Re-visited
Mary Oliver Ructstalls Hill excavations
Mary Oliver Sherborne Road – Prehistoric Site
Mary Oliver Taking the Air in Southampton
Mary Oliver The Archaeology of Andover
Mary Oliver The Archaeology of Industry in Hampshire, 17th November 1984
Mary Oliver The Archaeology of the Weald – Bridge or Barrier
Mary Oliver The Brooks Conference
Mary Oliver The Oakridge Cranium
Mary Oliver The Royal Arms – St. Michael’s Church Basingstoke
Mary Oliver Turning the Tide: the Coming of Cnut -
Mary Oliver Urban Archaeology in Hampshire
Mary Oliver We Watched and it Was Brief -or Was it
Jim Oram Been There Yately
Jim Oram Silchester
Roger Ottewill Congregationalism in Worting c.1840 to 1965
Roger Ottewill Municipal Election upset of 1890
Roger Ottewill The ‘non’ election of 1876
Roger Ottewill The Municipal Election of 1869
Roger Ottewill The early years of the Worsam Memorial Reading Room, Worting

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