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Editor New Horology Galleries, Willis Museum
Editor Ancient Farm, Butser
Editor Cowdery’s Down
Editor Functions of Paleolithic Stone Tools
Editor Hampshire Records Office
Editor Left to Rot (archaelogy above ground)
Editor Obituary – Frank Butler
Editor Obituary – Mrs Elizabeth Atkinson
Editor Obituary – Susan Verstage
Editor Roman Painted House at Dover
Editor Saxon Swindon
Editor Three Men to a Room – A Completely Different Trireme
Editor Winklebury Iron Age Fort
BAHS Editor Revising The Victoria County History
Barry Ennever He Came About the Drains!
Eric E Robinson Field Walking Site MS/1/90
Erica Smith & Alan Harris Vist to Fishbourne Roman Palace
Margaret Escott Basingstoke from the Censuses
Tim Evans A New Gallery at the Willis Museum
F B Mayo Alexandria – The First Thousand Years – Part 1
F B Mayo Alexandria – The First Thousand Years – Part 2
F B Mayo An Ancient Boundary Hedge?
F B Mayo Ancient Earthwork at Ellisfield
F B Mayo Operation Basing – The Ango-Saxon Chronicle Annal for AD 871
F B Mayo Our Roman Road
Bill Fergie Inns and Inventories: Some Timber Framed Buildings. Summary of Conference Paper
John Feuillade Ancient Aptera
Edna & Alan Fielding Local Societies Conference
Les Fitzgerald Keeping the Past for the Future
Les Fitzgerald Where Will Your Fiesta Be in the Year 2090
Fons de Kort The Salomon Affair’ at La Martyre
Norman Fox Sir Richard Rich, First Baron Rich of Leez, Essex, “Born at Basingstoke”, C 1496
Paul Ganderton Archaeological Dating: Some Basic Concepts
Paul Ganderton Introduction to Environmental Archaeology
Julie Gardiner The Hills Are Alive: The Earlier Prehistory of the Basingstoke Area. Summary of Conference Paper
Peter Good Interim Report on Excavation at Beggarwood Lane
Susan Good High Jinks
Susan Good The Magi in Art
Iris Gregory Old Basing – Note (Mesolithic axe)
Robert Gunn Bury Hill 1990
Robert Gunn General Experimental Archaeology
Robert Gunn Lunt Roman Fort
Graham Hall A Visit to Littlecote and Afterthoughts
Graham Hall The Society’s Visit to Seborne
Edwina Hancock Goodbye, Dorchester Arms
Margaret Harris Visit to King’s Worthy and Headbourne Worthy Churches
Margaret & Marten Harris Society Visit to Bradford on Avon
Marten & Margaret Harris Off-Beat Walk Around Winchester
Atherton Harrison The Bishop of Basingstoke’s Cope
John Harrison Basingstoke’s Open Field System
Clive Hawes BAHS visit to Wiltshire, Devizes; Crofton and Great Bedwyn pumping engines
Nicola Hawes Easter Training Dig (Church Lane, Worting)
Ann Hawker A Mill at Church Cottage?
Ann Hawker Church Cottage, Basingstoke
Ann Hawker More From Basingstoke Wills
Ann Hawker Panelling
Anne Hawker A Visit to Oxford – Knossos
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – Part 2
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – Part 3
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – Part 4 Eastlands
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – Part 5. Has Anyone Seen this Forge?
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – Part 5. The Feathers
Anne Hawker Basingstoke Records – The Project so Far
Anne Hawker Cafaude Farm
Anne Hawker Court Leet
Anne Hawker Deposition Before the Justices
Anne Hawker Goldings
Anne Hawker Inns and Inventories: Documentary Evidence. Summary of Conference Paper
Anne Hawker Pipe Stems Under The Floor at The Vyne
Anne Hawker The ‘Anchor’ and its Predecessors
Anne Hawker The Fuss About Maiden Acre
Anne Hawker The George
Anne Hawker The Search for Mr. Frizer
Anne Hawker Visit to Goldings
Anne Hawker Visit to Mottisfont
Anne Hawker Walter de Merton and Merton Priory
Susan Hawkins After Alex Godden’s Talk – (Folk Lore and Archaeology)
Sue Headley Doric Temples in Sicily
Sue Headley Impressions of Lebanon
Sue Headley Impressions of Three Churches
Sue Headley Morocco – A Country of Contrasts
Sue Headley Southern Ireland ’88
Sue Headley Then as Now
Sue Headley Three Women Up A Tower
Susan Headley Crete
Susan Headley Tuscany Off-piste
Peter Heath Aerial Photography
Peter Heath An Excavation in the City of London
Peter Heath Excavation Report: Excavation at Worting Wood Farm, Basingstoke 9th-12th April 1982
Peter Heath Guernsey Holiday
Peter Heath Obituary – Michael Dixon
Peter Heath Roman Industry at Holybourne
Peter Heath Skeleton of Small Child Uncovered at Jay’s Close, Basingtoke
Peter Heath Skulldiggery
Peter Heath Training Dig (Viables)
Peter Heath Understanding Star Carr
Peter Heath Watching Brief Overton
Barbara Herrington Blue Coat Boy Statue Unveiled
Tim Herrington A Day To Recall – Thoughts on A Day In Basingstoke
Tim Herrington Diadem11 – Basingstoke’s World War Tank
Tim Herrington If Only I had Talked To My Grandmother…..
Tim Herrington In The Beginning
Tim Herrington Odiham Castle
Tim Herrington The Public School Word-Book
Hilda Applin & Beryl Northcott First World War Memories
John Hollands The Basingstoke Triumphal Gateway
John Hollands The Three Tuns – The Pub That Moved
David Hopkins 100 Years of the Worting St Thomas Scout Troop & the Origins of Scouting in Basingstoke
David Hopkins 1918 – Aircraft Crash in Basingstoke
David Hopkins Basingstoke’s first scout leader Arthur Charrett
David Hopkins Worth Every Penny Revisited (the cartwheel penny)
Chris Horrocks Hampshire Archaeological Committee Local Societies Conference 1994
Chris Horrocks Workshop on Ancient Clothing & Textiles in Europe
John Horrocks The Final Shot – Video Update
Mike Hughes Excavations at Monk Sherbourne (Pamber) Priory March-April 1975, Summary Report
Andrew Hunt Archaeological Investigation at Great Binfields Road, Chineham
John Hutcheson A Journey to Petra

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