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Author Article
Margaret Bailey Norton St Philip & Farleigh Hungerford Castle
Rosemary Braithwaite The Hampshire County Council Sites and Monuments Records
Ann Broad A Local Connection to the Mary Rose
Ann Broad Boursheid Castle
Ann Broad Dressing the Tudors
Ann Broad Obituary – John Feuillade
Ann Broad Skipton Castle, Yorkshire
Ann Broad The Bikini Star
Ann Broad Visiting a Crannog
Chris Bullman Museum of English Rural Life
Dinner Cards Dinner Cards
Linda & Dave Chapman Guided Tour of Kingsclere
Debbie Charlton 2007 – 12th Congress of the Council for Independent Archaeology
Debbie Charlton Excavations at Steventon
Debbie Charlton Institute of Field Archaeologists Annual Conference
Debbie Charlton Report in IfA annual conference 2012
Debbie Charlton The New Word in Archaeology
Debz Charlton IFA Annual Conference for Archaeologists at Swansea
Debz Charlton The Impact of Rome on the British Countryside
Debz Charlton Wheatsheaf, Hampshire
Scott Childs Ghosts, Ghouls and Swimming Pools
Scott Childs The Brook Street Fair
Scott Childs What’s in a Field Name?
Bob Clarke Casting the Devil from a Basingstoke Maid
Bob Clarke Dwelling in Tents’ and ‘Drunk and Riotous’, The Basingstoke Riots: An afterword
Bob Clarke Highwaymen in and around Basingstoke
Bob Clarke Lady Montague at Overton (and Basingstoke)
Bob Clarke See Basingstoke and Die
Bob Clarke Snails, Worms and Dung – ‘medicinal’ cures from 1741
Bob Clarke The Book of Proverbs
Bob Clarke The False Messiah of Overton
Bob Clarke Who Was Cassandra Terry?
Bob Clarke Windover Street
Clive K Hawkes A Brief Remembrance on Phrenology
Clive K Hawkes Historic Resources Centre – Winchester
Marta Cock Experiments in Archaeology “Mine Howe Know How”
Edwina Cole The Archaeological Dowsers Group Walk the Stonehenge Landscape (again!)
Duncan Russell, Mark Corney Recovery of a Cremation Burial and Associated Material from Clappers Farm Silchester. February 1975
Duncan Russell, Mark Corney Recovery of further Romano-British Material from Clappers Farm Silchester. February 1975
Mark Daniel Richard Jefferies, Viewer and Visionary
David Allen Basing House – The Grange – Hot News From the Dig
David E Johnston More Roman Roads
Peter Davis Richard Aldworth’s Other School
Alison Deveson George Lamb, Solicitor, of Basingstoke
Richard Dexter A Plain Man’s Guide to the Glorious Revolution of 1688
Richard Dexter All Roads Lead to Rome
Richard Dexter Archaeology and Planning Seminar – 25th September 1993
Richard Dexter Archaeology in London 1970-1986 at the Museum of London
Richard Dexter Byzantium
Richard Dexter Demystifying Field Archaeology
Richard Dexter Greek Frescoes and Icons at the Royal Academy, Piccadilly
Richard Dexter Has Celtic Christianity Anything To Offer Us Today
Richard Dexter Local History Fair
Richard Dexter Orkney and an Anglo-Centric View of History
Richard Dexter Poland
Richard Dexter Princess Eugenie and Farnborough Hill
Richard Dexter Richard’s Reflections on Revolutions
Richard Dexter Somewhere in Hampshire
Richard Dexter St Edward the Martyr
Richard Dexter Stonehenge Study Group Report
Richard Dexter The Age of Chivalry: Art & Architecture 1200 – 1400 at the Royal Academy
Richard Dexter The Crondall Perambulation
Richard Dexter The Eastward Orientation of Old Parish Churches
Richard Dexter The Graduate
Richard Dexter The Jorvik Viking Centre, York
Richard Dexter The Language of the Kingdom of St. David
Richard Dexter The Man in the Ice
Richard Dexter The Ogham Stone at Silchester
Richard Dexter The Oxford Story
Richard Dexter The Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford
Richard Dexter The Real Value of Money in the Past
Richard Dexter The Undergraduate
Richard Dexter The Visit to Compton
Richard Dexter The Wolfson Galleries at the British Museum
Richard Dexter Visit to Silchester
Richard Dexter What Were the Enemy Really Like (Julius Caesar)
Richard Dexter William Kingsmill – A Tail Piece
M G B Dixon Friends of Butser Ancient Farm
M G B Dixon Hampshire Farm Museum
M G B Dixon Rural Archaeology in Hampshire
Michael Dixon Practical Flintworking
Dr John Harrow Silchester Field School
Andrew Duckworth A Pitt Rivers Day
Andrew Duckworth Along the Roman Road from Basingstoke to Silchester
Andrew Duckworth Among My Old Guide Books
Andrew Duckworth And a Few More Thoughts About Bones!
Andrew Duckworth Autumn in Silchester
Andrew Duckworth Basingstoke Races
Andrew Duckworth Clues from a Few Old Bones
Andrew Duckworth Have a Dormouse for Lunch
Andrew Duckworth Marsh Court, Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll
Andrew Duckworth Musings at Kempshott
Andrew Duckworth Our Roman Road
Andrew Duckworth Review: Bentworth: The Making of a Hampshire Village
Andrew Duckworth Ruined Churches
Andrew Duckworth Temple Moore and All Saints Church
Andrew Duckworth The Archaeology of Death
Andrew Duckworth The Candovers
Andrew Duckworth The Last Crusader
Andrew Duckworth The Vyne Before the Sandys
Andrew Duckworth What Price Feminism?
RA Duckworth The Oak Gallery at The Vyne

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