Newsletter Title Index – D to F

Article Author
Danebury and Its Iron Age Landscape Mary Oliver
Daneshill Urnfield Mary Oliver
Dating Techniques in Archaeology and Historic Buildings R J Gunn
Demystifying Field Archaeology Richard Dexter
Deposition Before the Justices Anne Hawker
Destruction by Fire at Silchester PDS
Diadem11 – Basingstoke’s World War Tank Tim Herrington
Did Basing 2016–Reflections of a Pot Washer Bob Applin
Did Richard 111 Visit Aachen ? Nicola Turton
Dig Basing! Ginny Pringle
Dig Basing 2016–Reflections of a Digger Nicola Turton
Digital Heritage (online resources) Penny Ingham
Dinner Cards Dinner Cards
Do You Still Want To Dig? Peter Stone
Domestic Architecture in Prehistorid Britain Mary Oliver
Doric Temples in Sicily Sue Headley
Dressing the Tudors Ann Broad
Durotriges Big Dig Open Day Annabel Stowe
Dwelling in Tents’ and ‘Drunk and Riotous’, The Basingstoke Riots: An afterword Bob Clarke
Earth’s Children (book review) Nancy Williams
Easter Dig David Score
Easter Training Dig (Church Lane, Worting) Nicola Hawes
Easter Training Dig (Cowdery’s Down) Richard Searle
Easter Training Dig – Church Lane Worting Eric Robinson
Economies bring Restrictions to the County Museum Service Richard Searle
Education in Worting The second instalment of HAJ Lamb’s ‘Worting Scrapbook’ Richenda Power
Emigration and Debt Barbara Applin
Excavation Report: Excavation at Worting Wood Farm, Basingstoke 9th-12th April 1982 Peter Heath
Excavations at Breach Barn, Sherfield-on-Loddon Steven R Strongman
Excavations at Cowdery’s Down March to May 1978 Martin Millett
Excavations at Monk Sherbourne (Pamber) Priory March-April 1975, Summary Report Mike Hughes
Excavations at Sherborne SR Church of England School, Sherborne St John, Hampshire Eric Robinson
Excavations at Steventon Debbie Charlton
Excavations at The Brooks, Winchester Barbara Applin
Excavations at Viables Farm 1975 Richard Searle
Experimental Roman Pot Firing Mary Oliver
Experiments in Archaeology “Mine Howe Know How” Marta Cock
Festival of India Bob Mulla
Field Walking Site MS/1/90 Eric E Robinson
Field Walking at Oakley Park Mark Peryer
Field Work Report Mark Peryer
Fieldwalking at North Waltham Mary Oliver
Fieldwalking, Latest Report (Rooksdown) Peter Read
Fieldwork Marjolein Mussellwhite
Fieldwork Report Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Report – Basing House Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Report – Dummer Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Report – Farleigh Wallop Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Report – August 2016 Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Report – October 2015 Mark Peryer
Fieldwork Update Mary Oliver
Fieldwork report (Jesus Hospital, Bray; Holybourne Down; Up Nately Brickworks; Hogdigging Copse;) Mark Peryer
Fieldwork report – Greywell burnt mound; FOAM at Danebury Mark Peryer
Fieldwork report Feb 2012 including FOAM at Odiham castle Mark Peryer
Fieldwork report including Steventon and Up Nately Mark Peryer
First World War Memories Hilda Applin & Beryl Northcott
Flint Farm Fullerton Mary Oliver
Following in Philip’s Footsteps Colin Williams
For Whom The Bells Toll Ian Waite
For the Love Of … Ginny Pringle
Forward into Unity Barbara Applin
Four Days at Cumberland Lodge David Taylor
Four Marks Bob Applin
Friends of Butser Ancient Farm M G B Dixon
From Dividers to Comb: Our New Symbol Unknown
From Tribe to Kingship: Reflections on Roman and Saxon Basingstoke. Summary of Conference Paper Martin Millett
Functions of Paleolithic Stone Tools Editor
Further postcript to the First Brexit Peter Stone
Future Plans for Maiden Castle Mary Oliver

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